Aaron Burke fucks Jared Gryphon’s asshole (1080p)

Cast: Aaron Burke, Jared Gryphon
Genres: Ass-fuck, Oral job, Otters, Jocks, Fur covered, Chubs, Bears, Grizzlies, Jizz streams, Juices Pie

It’s not super oftentimes that I control to get two brand new GuyBone Guys in the same debut sequence. But when it does happen, dude is it magic. I was fortunate enough to get Aaron Burke interested in our website and into town for a couple shoots. His first-ever costar, Jared Gryphon, had been on my radar for years. We’d just never been able to pummel down the brilliant time and person for him. Now, they desired to film with each other, and for us. Ideal.

Aaron is super stunning in a masculine, authoritative way that sends trembles up your spine. You just want to do whatever he asks of you. That’s also in part to his uber torrid Australian accent. Bang, this guy’s deep voice and brooding, bearded mug was everything I… Jared… had been waiting for. And Jared, with his wooly cub assets and ginormous, ever firm fuckpole, was eager to give up his booty on camera. Killer match, gorgeous chemistry, superbly charming men.

Their eats and arms examined each other’s figures and they began their gig shirtless. Both were beyond voluptuous kissers, erotically engaging in the sexiest lip smacking I’d seen in some time. Their trousers fell off and their schlongs flopped out. Both were hard as steel and as Jared seized both beefsticks in his palm and jostled them schlong to jizz-shotgun, we three knew this was going somewhere excellent.

Aaron knelt next to Jared’s lap at the brink of the sofa and took his long trunk down his humid facehole. When he deep throats dick, you hear it. So much suction, attention, and slobber, he really works your pillar. He kept complimenting Jared’s assets, telling him how nice his parts were. I couldn’t have agreed more. Jared was a red-hot lil’ chunk of hairy, ultra-kinky candy.

Aaron spinned Jared’s gams skyward and flicked his tongue against his wrinkled hole. Jared’s pulsating schlong grimaced and jumped against his fur covered belly every time Aaron’s hot throat groped his ass-hole. Then he flipped onto his stomach and bj’ed his Aussie costar’s giant trouser snake. Aaron’s ballsack are bountiful, to say the least, and they looked outstanding when they were the only thing you could witness because Jared had the rest of his junk sunk in the back of his jaws. They both loved giving attention as much as getting it, and I uncommonly stopped recording because they just kept the strong force going.

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:01
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 3914kbps
Audio: 124kbps

File size: 593.5 MB

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