Basic Training – Haus, Hunter And Lex

Studio: Busy Duty

Tonight I am sharing something with you that has never been on the site in the members area for download or in its entirety. It was my very first try at making a xxx movie.
Previous to this, I had only shot solos of the soldiers, sailors and marines that came thru my doors as a guest director for Dirk Yates. Once I opened the doors to Busy Duty I knew I had to ramp up the offerings if people were going to take my efforts seriously. Shooting a few dudes stroking off just wasnt going to cut it if I were to build a true blue porno production company (or art gallery as I like to think of it) and compete in a market that, while not over saturated at the time, still had a enormous number of players who were producing a lot more xxx scenes than they were solos. The year was 1999. The Internet was still a virtual super-naughty wild west and only a handful of fag membership websites shooting exclusive content even existed.
A plenty of of the bigger, well-established studios had yet to even probe the Internet as a viable source of revenue. In fact, many of them didnt even have a web page (as everyone used to call it) at the time. They were still focused on their retail brick and mortar business model and were unassured if this Internet thing was even going to last or if it were just a whim that would rapidly die out in a year or two. Many of them didnt observe the need to invest the money into something with such a questionable future. For we few renegades without the financial means to build a traditional pornography studio, it was our only shot at mansion a fantasy. If it didnt work, we were either back at square one or back to our NINE to 5s never to know what we could have become.
Fortunately for Busy Duty timing was everything. The absence of the meaty studios making a XXL impression on the internet was still at least several years ahead and we had a window of chance. I did the only thing I knew how to do, the only thing my perality (and wallet) would allow — and that was to get in where I fit in and try like hell to make the best of it.
Come in stage left Active Dutys first hardcore pull out Dink Flamingos Basic Instructing 1 with Haus Weston, Hunter and SGT Lex. Now, the unbelievable thing about this three was the fact that none of the background story was made up. Lex was actually in real life the SGT in charge over Haus and Hunter in their daily Army jobs. I poop you not. Now Lex was as fag as the day was lengthy and hed had his eyes on both his younger soldiers for quite some time. He just didnt have any idea how to go about getting them in the right situation to pummel his brains out.
Inject Dink Flamingo stage right. Lex had been doing some solos for me and telling me all about these two steamy soldiers in his shop that he worked with every day. His description of Haus Weston in the bathroom with his long sensitized man-meat stringing up down his gam and his dreamy recollections of Hunters pretty greenish blue eyes and brilliant cow gobbled platinum-blonde hair were enough to get my interest. I gave him some homework to do and guaranteed him from there I would do the rest. Back then everybody with a computer was on AOL and had a screen name and profile. I assigned SGT Lex with the ordinary task of getting Haus and Hunters screen names for me and from there I would handle everything else. He handed his assignment with flying colors — well half way — he was able to get the AOL screen name that Haus used as he surfed the Internet and I rapidly saved it on my buddys list.
As soon as Haus came online I fastly approached him about doing some modeling and within a duo of days had him standing over me shooting his gigantic fat geyser down onto me pumping out all over my face as I filmed his highly first solo.
Hunter would be a tiny more of a contest as he didnt yet have a computer or screen name. Luckily he and Lex already had somewhat of a friendship going outside of work (much against the rules for a SGT like Lex to be fraternizing with a lower ranking soldier) and Hunter would come down to the SGTs barracks guest room and have fun flick games and have a few from time-to-time. So, I had the idea that Lex would invite him over for one of these evenings and that he would just so happen to be wrapping up an online Instantaneous Message with me where we were talking about his next solo shoot. He would bring Hunter into the interview and let him read the IM and watch if Hunter was interested in making some quick currency wanking his sausage on camera. Hunter took the bait hook, line and sinker and was shortly at my palace tugging his wood in front of my camera.
Now, Hunter and Haus already had a hunch that the SGT might be batting for both teams and I let the cat out of the bag by confirming both of their suspicions. I also joked with them both about how supah hot it would be to see them take their real life SGT who railed their arses so rock hard at work everyday and arch him over and boink his arse and use his throat out of revenge. They made fun it off at first-ever, but I didnt give up.
Over the next duo of weeks I would continue to plant the jelly in their minds that this is in fact exactly what we should all do. Lex got on board and guaranteed them that he would be more than down for it and impressively I was ultimately able to make it all come together and happen.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:34:03
Video: 640×480, AVC (H.264), 686kbps
Audio: 96kbps

File size: 542.2 MB

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